Paul Colangelo

Paul is a documentary photographer focused on environmental issues and wildlife. Through his long-term project, Our Home and Native Land, Paul is dedicated to shedding light on the seismic shift of core national values in Canada regarding resource development. This body of work explores the country's wildlife and cultural hotspots, revealing what is at risk and reminding us why they were once a celebrated part of the national identity. His work in the Sacred Headwaters helped lead to its protection in 2012. Paul is a National Geographic grantee and member of the International League of Conservation Photographers. Paul lives in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Amanda Follett

Amanda is a freelance writer based in Smithers, BC. She recently completed a Masters of Communication specializing in international and intercultural communication through Royal Roads University in Victoria, BC. Her thesis, A Neocolonial News Cycle, uses the Sacred Headwaters as a case study to examine the relationships between First Nations and the mainstream news media. She has been published in Explore Magazine, Kootenay Mountain Culture, Calgary Herald, British Columbia Magazine and Cottage Magazine, among others.
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